Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Will Barack Obama Run for President?

Will Barack Obama Run for President?

By Neil G. White

Senator Barack Obama is one of the shining stars of the Democratic party. The young Illinois Senator rose to national prominence since his keynote speech for his party in 2004. His eloquence in fielding hot button issues with the savvy of a veteran politician is quite impressive. In a very critical time for this country; as well as the world, an intuitive and sensitive understanding of the issues is sorely needed. Albeit his first term; Senator Barack Obama has been faced with the question of will he run for the highest political position in the land?

This scintillating question can only bode well of the high esteem in which the Senator is held. When asked by CNN correspondent Don Lemon what he thought of the comparisons of himself to John F. Kennedy…he graciously responded, “I’m flattered by the comparisons but try to not compare myself to others…but rather make the best judgment in terms of what I can do”. It is this kind of humility and honesty which is refreshing in a time of political ambiguity.

Senator Barack Obama made it clear that he is not auditioning for the Presidency. He affirms with conviction that his experience as a U.S. and State Senator as well as a constitutional law professor “gives him a good grasp of the issues we face as a country…whether or not this experience translates into good judgment to lead this country is something that would be tested over time.” His contention is that he has the judgment necessary to be able to learn from experience and make good decisions in various work that he has done thus far.

What will ultimately determine whether or not he is a viable presidential candidate for the people are the stances he takes on issues that are paramount to this country and the rest of the free world. For example, he opposes the war in Iraq. The senator commented on the statement General John Abizaid (Commander; U.S. Central Command) made that it would take four to six months to stabilize Baghdad. The senator suggested after that it would be a good time to start phase redeployment (withdrawal) of the troops. He admits that he is not date certain but a strong message needs to be sent to the Iraqi government that, ”the time for coddling is over…”. He also asserts that he would be willing to meet with commanders to establish a time table.

Another issue the Senator takes a stand on is immigration. He supports President Bush’s Senate backed bill. This bill entails beefed up border security, stricter enforcement of existing immigration laws and legal status for new guest worker programs opened up for millions that enter this country illegally.

When it comes to same-sex marriage he is opposed to it. However, he opposes a constitutional amendment to ban them. He does support and recognize civil unions between gay couples.

As far a tax codes go the senator supports eliminating marriage penalties and wants to extend child tax credit. He supports scaling back capital gains and dividend tax cuts. He also believes its time to start re-examining tax benefits for the top 1%.

One other prominent issue that Senator Obama opposes is the President’s plan to allow some social security money to be put in private investment accounts. These stances that the Illinois Senator has taken already on critical issues will undoubtedly shape voters views about him as well as define his political agenda. A decision will most certainly have to be made by this young and upcoming political star sooner than later.

A poll of registered Democrats choice for nominees’ in 2008 taken by CNN showed these numbers: Clinton 33%
Obama 15%
Edwards 14%
Gore 14%
Kerry 7%

A poll of registered Democrats support of a Barack Obama White House bid showed these numbers: 15% currently support
35% would consider supporting
38% don’t want as a nominee

In conclusion, what these numbers show is that there is no clear evidence as to whether the voting public will make the young democratic Senator Barack Obama their front running candidate for the highest position in the land. One thing is for sure that time will tell and the public will decide.


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