Friday, June 09, 2006

The pilgrims last best kept secret

Was trying to figure out a topic in which I could speak my piece that was worth all of you folks time. Well check it out...The days of saving ended w/ our parents. Saving was the move then... now it must be taken to the next level w/ investing. I hear a lot of folks talk about making money and that's cool...but do you make your money make more money for you???? Or do you turn around and spend that moolah the very moment you see some fly wears or mabe a slammin' watch ( my own personal fetish)? Not pointing the finger here I have been guilty of it myself. Everybody wants to look nice and have nice things, but not at the expense of living pay check to pay check. The dollar never gets a chance to get warm in our pocket before we are spending it. Btw, if you don't have a bank account get one!!!! Get out of the stone ages!!!! That's at least a start. We can get into stocks, mutual funds, EE bonds, and money markets later... Even options which I'm trying to learn more about as we speak. Let's stop being scared about these things people. They are important for own livelyhood. If anybody got a stock tip 4 me please let it be known...I will look into it. Let's not leave all the action for the pilgrims!!! Scared money never made none...The Freelancer out!!!


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I with ya bruh...

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