Saturday, June 17, 2006

Are they (gov't) serious???

Is our gov't for real? They are a bunch of jokers. Never in my life have I seen an administration that is so incompetent and bumbling. Although new to the blog world I quickly saw the keen insight of my fellow bloggers...with that in mind can somebody please explain how these idiots operate and more importantly if anybody, I mean anybody knows who the f**k ZARQAWI is please tell me? The question is rhetorical because frankly I could give less than a fiddleless f**k. But truly people I got a real ? for ya'... Where's OSAMA BIN LADEN? I thought he was the mastermind behind 911. This guy sends video of himself to America bi-annually making political statements. They last time he did it was about two months ago denouncing Moussoui's involvement in 911. WHY ARE WE STILL ON THIS IRAQ S**T?????? Our beef is w/ Afghanistan isn't it? Damn, please let me explain why I'm so irritated. I feel that this administration tries to take the masses for fools. Please, let me clarify not the conscious people that know how to discern the bulls**t but the others that read news articles and watch some of these news programs and believe everything they here. For those people I truly am sorry. How many more people have to die or come back mamed before this jive a** gov't pulls out of this fake a** war. I can't wait until this administration is out of here...I'm sick of the lot of them. For all we know this guy ZARQAWI is some two bit revolutionary that was built up by the gov't to justify our presence in in IRAQ. If our administration was really adept and wanted to forge ahead in the war on terrorism then they should stop bulls**tting and catch big bad BIN LADEN!!! Thanks for letting me vent people wouldn't be a bit suprised if this blog service doesn't even publish this rhetoric... but we'll see. I need to learn how to encrypt my s**t so the infrastructure doesn't doesn't hate on the wisdom. Thanks again for your valuable time bloggers. The freelancer...out. One!


At 11:33 AM, Blogger Mr.Slish said...

I Agree..Truth be told I don't think there ever was or is a Bin Laden..,,

Pasting ZARQAWI's picture on the front page of every newspaper is just a smoke screen a way for our gvt to hide whats really going on...

Bin laden is being protected and its not by his own people. If we could find Hussain we can find BIN LADEN!!!

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Jo said...

This Government has a way of manipulating the masses, in thinking that they are doing something or are actively trying to protect this state. When in my personal opinion they themselves are the biggest predators and threat to the people.

Truth be told, how can one man... Bin Laden be so elusive and unattainable?

The GOV will continue to pump bulls*it into the people, through mass media Inso buying time to cover their own tracks.
Divide and conquer, creating a idiopathy that is not so much unknown but should be termed, stupidity/ignorance! It is a disease, and it is infectious.

I am glad I am not the only one reading between the lines!

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Phoenix said...

the gov't needs to mind it's effn business. Propaganda dear - it's called propaganda. Our country's mere existance was built upon people believing in the bullsh** the Saltines putout. Oh when I say Saltines I mean white folks


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