Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Changing of the guard

Well my fellow bloggers going to take phoenix's suggestion and not take life too seriously. Thank all that's good for sports it is one of the balancers in life. Now that the NBA finals is over gotta find another balancer. To all my fellow Heat fans CHEERS. We've had the pleasure of witnessing one of the greatest combacks in sports history. Chezniki I know your beaming. Shaq gets another one, Zo and Gary finally get one and D-Wade the first of more to come. Before I get too carried away I want to make it known that I'm a Knick fan. Yes, I said it. And for whatever its worth a Met fan also...but not 'cause their good this year. Been one 4 far longer than I care to say. Propers to Avery Johnson he will win won eventually. Quick thoughts on boxing Winky won that fight but he should have but a little more pressure on Talyor in the 12 to seal the deal. He knows 1st hand what happens when u leave it up to the judges...a la Vargas fight. Also B-hop says he's retiring... he and his people should sit down w/ Roy Jr. and his people and make @ 35-40million collectively and then both them slappies should retire. Shit Nas and Jigger did it. To bad the brothers on lock down on the island didn't know it was all a roose...would of saved a lot of c.o. overtime dough and extra time in the slam for folks...had Brooklyn and Queens trippin. Oh sorry went off on a tangent there. If B-hop fights Jones Jr. that would be the biggest middle weight title fight since Sugar Ray and Marvin... 4 those old enough to remember. Oh year the fight of the decade as well just because it sounds sooooo nice. Will be praying to the boxing gods 4 that one. Probably watch that bad boy at espn and invite all you cool a** bloggers to watch and buy all y'all routing for my fighter a shot of patron. Won't divulge who that is until it happens don't want to jinx nothin'. Anyway that's my piece gotta get back to formulating my plans to build an empire. The freelancer out.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Are they (gov't) serious???

Is our gov't for real? They are a bunch of jokers. Never in my life have I seen an administration that is so incompetent and bumbling. Although new to the blog world I quickly saw the keen insight of my fellow bloggers...with that in mind can somebody please explain how these idiots operate and more importantly if anybody, I mean anybody knows who the f**k ZARQAWI is please tell me? The question is rhetorical because frankly I could give less than a fiddleless f**k. But truly people I got a real ? for ya'... Where's OSAMA BIN LADEN? I thought he was the mastermind behind 911. This guy sends video of himself to America bi-annually making political statements. They last time he did it was about two months ago denouncing Moussoui's involvement in 911. WHY ARE WE STILL ON THIS IRAQ S**T?????? Our beef is w/ Afghanistan isn't it? Damn, please let me explain why I'm so irritated. I feel that this administration tries to take the masses for fools. Please, let me clarify not the conscious people that know how to discern the bulls**t but the others that read news articles and watch some of these news programs and believe everything they here. For those people I truly am sorry. How many more people have to die or come back mamed before this jive a** gov't pulls out of this fake a** war. I can't wait until this administration is out of here...I'm sick of the lot of them. For all we know this guy ZARQAWI is some two bit revolutionary that was built up by the gov't to justify our presence in in IRAQ. If our administration was really adept and wanted to forge ahead in the war on terrorism then they should stop bulls**tting and catch big bad BIN LADEN!!! Thanks for letting me vent people wouldn't be a bit suprised if this blog service doesn't even publish this rhetoric... but we'll see. I need to learn how to encrypt my s**t so the infrastructure doesn't doesn't hate on the wisdom. Thanks again for your valuable time bloggers. The freelancer...out. One!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The pilgrims last best kept secret

Was trying to figure out a topic in which I could speak my piece that was worth all of you folks time. Well check it out...The days of saving ended w/ our parents. Saving was the move then... now it must be taken to the next level w/ investing. I hear a lot of folks talk about making money and that's cool...but do you make your money make more money for you???? Or do you turn around and spend that moolah the very moment you see some fly wears or mabe a slammin' watch ( my own personal fetish)? Not pointing the finger here I have been guilty of it myself. Everybody wants to look nice and have nice things, but not at the expense of living pay check to pay check. The dollar never gets a chance to get warm in our pocket before we are spending it. Btw, if you don't have a bank account get one!!!! Get out of the stone ages!!!! That's at least a start. We can get into stocks, mutual funds, EE bonds, and money markets later... Even options which I'm trying to learn more about as we speak. Let's stop being scared about these things people. They are important for own livelyhood. If anybody got a stock tip 4 me please let it be known...I will look into it. Let's not leave all the action for the pilgrims!!! Scared money never made none...The Freelancer out!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Basketball Dynasties

First and foremost much props to Slish and JoJo for introducing me to the world of blogging. In my first blog I want to say how happy that I am for Shaq for going to the finals w/out Kobe 'Prima Donna' Bryant. I'm also happy for Zo and Gary Payton. I love the fact that Avery Johnson has gone to the finals as well...this time as a coach. It will be the beginning of more appearences to come for him. Having said all of that I want Shaq and company to win because he deserves it. Shaq is a team player and always has been. Kobe however will never win another ring in his career unless he can stop being so self indulgent and share not only the ball but the spot light as well. Again much thanks to Slish and JoJo for putting me on. Will be in touch. The Freelancer.